Myths About the Top Boarding Schools in England

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Too many misconceptions revolve around boarding schools, no thanks to TV shows, movies, and literature that paint quite an inaccurate picture of what boarding school life is like. While there is some truth to how boarding schools are depicted in books and shows, these concepts often stem from the way boarding schools were in the distant past. Today, modern boarding schools are very far and different from how things used to be—strict, stiff, gloomy, and all-books-tests-lectures-and more testing. Boarding schools nowadays offer fun-filled learning environments where children can be free to explore and maximise their potential. Below is an attempt to dispel some common myths that people believe about the top boarding schools in England:

  • Boarding schools are only for the academically gifted –

    While it is true that boarding schools attract the academically superior and gifted, they are not exclusive to those who have the smarts. In fact, boarding schools are strong believers about the potential of each child to be academically gifted. Needless to say, you don’t have to be extremely academically brilliant to enter boarding school. However, boarding schools can nurture you to become academically gifted and groom you for further success in your educational career.

  • Boarding schools are like prison –

    Contrary to what many people believe, boarding schools are not necessarily prison-like institutions where everything children do constitute strict rules that must be followed. While discipline is carefully observed in these institutions, boarding schools also encourage a great deal of fun and even provide avenues for students to gain liberating experiences along with activities that foster high spirits. The main thing that students are taught in boarding school is how to respect themselves as well as those around them.

  • Boarding schools keep you away from your family –

    While entering boarding school does mean leaving home for the most part of the academic year, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ll be kept away from your family, as these institutions have very open visitation arrangements as well as activities that provide parents and family members the chance to see how their children are doing in boarding school.

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