Boarding schools are a treasure trove of enriching experiences that students can cherish for the rest of their lives. This is the main reason why many students as well as parents are attracted to boarding school education. If you are still contemplating whether boarding school is the best for you, here are reasons why students like you chose boarding school and never looked back:

  • Boarding schools give students undivided attention. With smaller class sizes, teachers have all the time in the world to cater to the unique needs of each student. They can observe each member of the class more closely and bring attention to what you need. Students and teachers are more engaged and everyone is encouraged to participate.

  • Faculty members are high caliber. Boarding school instructors often have high qualifications and are rigorously trained to facilitate higher standards of learning. They usually have advanced degrees in the courses and subjects that they teach, making them suitable to impart knowledge on a higher level.

  • Resources are high quality. Libraries, sports and athletic complexes, arts facilities, workshops, and other campus amenities are of the same or even better quality than colleges and universities. This encourages students to perform better.

  • Courses are challenging. Academics operate at higher levels in boarding schools and students typically discuss a wider array of subject matters, all while enjoying an environment where it is fun and cool to learn. There is also a diverse range of academic offerings, including advanced study options for those who want even more challenge in their studies.

  • Students receive college counselling. Boarding schools likewise have college counselling departments, which help students figure out what they want to take up as they pursue higher education along with the best colleges and institutions that offer the right programs for the exact courses they want to take up.


A child who is off to boarding school pretty soon might feel an entire range of emotions from nerve wracking to exciting. Attending boarding school is a commitment and one that you should help your child prepare for. With an entire summer before your kid is off to their new adventure at boarding school, here are some tips to help them overcome the roller coaster of emotions that come with being away at boarding school:

  • Answer their questions. Children, especially teenagers are an anxious bunch. With a huge transition in the horizon, their anxiety levels are higher than ever, and this can lead to all kinds of concerns about boarding school—many of which probably stem from myths they hear about boarding. This is the perfect time to address these concerns. Simply listening to your child as they share about their apprehensions about boarding school will help you talk them through their anxieties and reassure them about the great, beautiful world that await them in their brand-new school.

  • Create a timeline. Preparation is key to doing well in boarding school. Set a deadline for the most important tasks you have left to do before heading off to board like shopping for their dorm supplies and ordering their books. Do they have the right sports gear? What other requirements are they missing? Completing all these tasks weeks before their big day will help ease the pressure of moving to boarding school.

  • Make a final visit to the school. Walk around campus with them and help them get comfortable in the environment before they actually embark on schooling.

  • Do they need an academic booster? Perhaps your child could use some summer classes or a few tutoring sessions. Consider a pre-boarding school summer program or some online classes to help them better prepare for the rigorous learning they will be faced with at boarding school.


When your child is off to school the first time around or is about to start their journey in the big school, choosing the right facility can be a daunting task, more for a parent with children on the autism spectrum. Fortunately for modern parents, schools that offer specialised education for children who present different symptoms of ASD are now widespread, providing you with an entire range of choices from which you can shortlist the best facility to send your child to. Children on the autism spectrum can present a myriad of possible conditions that affect their learning. This is why there can never be a one-size-fits-all approach to their education. A good autism school is one that provides programs that are tailor fitted to the needs of each child, helping them reach their full potential with the appropriate teaching and learning techniques.

Apart from a specialised curriculum that is custom designed to meet the needs of your child, you should also examine the school’s faculty and staffing structure. The best autism boarding schools are those that are equipped with certified experts who know the ins and outs of ASD and are fully equipped to cater to the special needs of children within the spectrum. Schools that specialise in educating children with autism often hire therapists, doctors, and specialist educators who all work together in order to create the best learning programs for the children under their care.

Choose a school that will enhance your child’s learning and is equipped with the right policies and relevant processes that help ensure your child’s development. It also pays choosing schools that are equipped to handle children with the same condition as your child, as this typically means a more focused approach that deals in the same challenges that your child faces in terms of learning and development.


There are many different kinds of educational platforms offering different educational styles to cater to the varying needs of today’s children. This is exactly what makes choosing the right school that is very difficult for the parents. Boarding schools offer their own brand of education, where much focus is given on high learning standards. When deciding whether or not boarding school education is right for your child, the advantages that this form of education offers are a great place to start before you even look into any specific institution. Below are key merits of sending your child to the best boarding school in Suffolk:

  • Learning never stops in boarding schools. These institutions are all for round-the-clock development. When children are not in their classrooms, learning about academics, they are with their peers, learning about different cultures and expanding their world view. Boarding life also teach children important skills that can only be learned by giving them independence. Boarding schools provide an environment where children can learn without the usual distractions of traditional schooling.

  • Boarding schools are big on extra-curricular activities and opportunities. These facilities offer extensive options for out-of-classroom activities not only to help keep students busy during their down time, but more importantly to provide them with opportunities to discover their potential and enhance their skills. These activities help them indulge themselves in things that they can be good at and can keep them out of trouble.

  • Experiencing diversity teaches children to be more accepting of differences. Boarding schools offer holistic learning. Here, student populations are made up of international students from all cultural and personal backgrounds. This kind of environment allows children to take interest in other cultures and world views that are different from their own, making them more open minded about the world and the people in it. They learn how to forge lasting friendships despite these differences.


Too many misconceptions revolve around boarding schools, no thanks to TV shows, movies, and literature that paint quite an inaccurate picture of what boarding school life is like. While there is some truth to how boarding schools are depicted in books and shows, these concepts often stem from the way boarding schools were in the distant past. Today, modern boarding schools are very far and different from how things used to be—strict, stiff, gloomy, and all-books-tests-lectures-and more testing. Boarding schools nowadays offer fun-filled learning environments where children can be free to explore and maximise their potential. Below is an attempt to dispel some common myths that people believe about the top boarding schools in England:

  • Boarding schools are only for the academically gifted –

    While it is true that boarding schools attract the academically superior and gifted, they are not exclusive to those who have the smarts. In fact, boarding schools are strong believers about the potential of each child to be academically gifted. Needless to say, you don’t have to be extremely academically brilliant to enter boarding school. However, boarding schools can nurture you to become academically gifted and groom you for further success in your educational career.

  • Boarding schools are like prison –

    Contrary to what many people believe, boarding schools are not necessarily prison-like institutions where everything children do constitute strict rules that must be followed. While discipline is carefully observed in these institutions, boarding schools also encourage a great deal of fun and even provide avenues for students to gain liberating experiences along with activities that foster high spirits. The main thing that students are taught in boarding school is how to respect themselves as well as those around them.

  • Boarding schools keep you away from your family –

    While entering boarding school does mean leaving home for the most part of the academic year, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ll be kept away from your family, as these institutions have very open visitation arrangements as well as activities that provide parents and family members the chance to see how their children are doing in boarding school.


Sending a child to boarding school brings up feelings of uncertainty and worry, and understandably so, especially since you’ll be allowing your young child to live on their own and be responsible for their studies. Nevertheless, international boarding school education is the best choice for most students for many reasons, not the least of which is the high standard of education that they offer. Given the right choice of boarding school, your child can reap great benefits from the experience. If you are still on the fence about sending your child to an international boarding school, here are even more reasons why this is the best option for them:

  • The reign of terror of strict head teachers and house parents are over. International boarding schools nowadays offer a caring environment where children can thrive in. Pastoral care in these institutions provide a highly supportive and nurturing environment even for young attendees, so they can have a fuller and happier time in school.

  • Boarding schools open up great opportunities for children to express themselves and discover their true potential. This can be in the form of different activities designed to boost their self confidence and hone their skills and gifts.

  • International boarding schools create an incredibly diverse environment where children can celebrate cultural differences and be exposed to all kinds of worldwide traditions through their schoolmates and even through their teachers and the school staff.

  • Children become more independent while they learn to live away from the comforts of home. They discover self-reliance and learn efficient organisational and time management skills, which are critical to life outside of school.

  • International boarding schools follow strict academic standards, putting children ahead of the pack. They recommend advance courses and provide even more options for learning so students can stay ahead in terms of their academic skills.


Boarding schools are havens for learning. Outside of the classroom, children learn even more important life lessons that prove useful in their personal development. education here isn’t purely academic in nature. In fact, some of the most valuable things that boarding school students gain, they learn by interacting with each other outside of class. While boarding schools focus on strong academic preparation, they are also well equipped for teaching children essential skills they need to thrive in life and below are only some of the best life lessons that private boarding school education teaches kids:

  • Conflict-resolution –

    When students come across disagreements, the boarding school environment, where they typically have communal relaxation times, smaller class sizes, and similar social circles encourage them to work through their differences organically, instead of harboring feelings of resentment and moving on to another friend group. The small-community setting that boarding schools create help them work toward resolving their disputes and sustaining long-term and positive relationships, crushing the clique culture and behaviours that are common in traditional schools.

  • Independence and personal responsibility –

    By living on their own, children learn how to rely on themselves for their personal responsibilities. They develop independence and a sense of accountability for their own actions. They learn how to prioritise activities and manage their time better, which helps prepare them for the greater demands of college life.

  • Strong work ethics –

    Boarding school students also have greater propensity towards developing stronger work ethics. Their self-discipline, sense of responsibility, and accountability all play into them, having a stronger drive toward accomplishing tasks that are assigned to them. They develop a stronger commitment toward their personal and work responsibilities, making them more invested and dedicated to finish whatever work they have started.

  • Social confidence –

    Finally, boarding school students tend to be more socially confident, having spent their time within a supportive social environment, where positive interactions are encouraged.


Therapeutic residential schools are boarding facilities that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of children and students dealing with certain health, developmental, or behavioural issues. These schools are a great help to those struggling with a range of issues and conditions and require special attention in terms of their educational and personal development. Placing your child in a therapeutic boarding school might just be the best decision you will make in terms of their education. When you have tried everything, else and are still not seeing improvements in your child’s development and overall wellbeing, perhaps it might be time to seriously ponder about therapeutic residential schools.

There are many great lessons to learn from these specialised boarding school environments. With most therapeutic boarding schools accepting teens struggling with different issues that prevent them from excelling or succeeding at traditional schools, they make the perfect place for children to try a different approach to learning and education. Some common issues that therapeutic boarding schools deal with include ADD or ADHD, depression, oppositional defiance disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, attachment issues, low self-esteem, substance abuse, and other behavioural and emotional issues that negatively affect children’s life and require professional intervention to overcome.

Therapeutic residential schools help children work on their issues and modify their behaviour by means of individual and group therapy sessions as well as making them feel accepted in a caring community. On top of a keen academic focus, these schools offer personalised therapy with duly qualified specialists, professionals, and counselors who know how to help students deal with their problems by getting to the heart of the issue and turning their negative experiences into healthy and positive behaviours. Some may even prescribe family therapy where these kinds of treatments are appropriate. Therapeutic schools are beneficial for those who need to forge a path towards recovery.


You don’t need to come from wealth to reap the many benefits of boarding school education. While boarding institutions do come with higher fees, they also do offer financial aid as well as friendly payment terms that make them more affordable for more families wishing for the best education for their children. If you are contemplating about boarding schools and Worcestershire and are worried about financing, don’t let the prospect of high cost be a deal breaker for your child’s boarding school experience. There are numerous options that you can explore to make boarding school education more affordable and manageable based on what you can pay.

Scholarship programs are not uncommon in the best boarding schools. In addition to financial aids and grants from different institutions and foundations (many boarding schools are funded by educational foundations), you can likewise explore scholarship options to help make boarding school more affordable. Qualifying students may even receive full scholarship based on the criteria that scholarship providers follow.

To think that boarding schools are solely populated by the wealthy is simply wrong, as boarding schools see broad diversity as a crucial component to their educational design. This diversity creates the perfect learning environment that produces the most well-rounded students. Ironically, sending your child to regular school can cost just as much as or even more than boarding school education, especially when you think about hidden costs that come with their typical school fees along with the expense of their daily commute and schooling needs. Good boarding school education can sometimes cost less, if you compare all your child’s schooling expenses side-by-side. The great thing about boarding schools is that fees are typically all-inclusive, allowing your child to maximise their schooling experiences without too many additional costs. With financial aids, scholarship funds, and budget-friendly payment options, boarding school education can be more affordable than you think.


The end of a school term signals a season of great fun and adventure for children. As schools close their gates and children are left with all the time in the world to discover their potential, how can you make the best use of their time out of school? While some parents may answer a tropical holiday or a cultural experience on the other side of the globe, others find summer camps a better use of their resources and their child’s time. Sending your child to a performing arts summer camp might just be the experience of a lifetime they crave—enhancing their natural gift or helping them discover untapped potential for the performing arts.

Residential summer camps are all the rage in many parts of the world, especially in the UK. Some focus on outdoor activities while others offer spiritual retreats. Others still provide academic programs, while some are art-based, helping campers discover their love for different kinds of artistic expressions. Just the same, there are many different institutions and facilities that offer art camp programs all over the UK. This makes it difficult for parents to choose between summer programs that best fit their child’s interest.

Doing a bit of research is a good first step towards finding the best summer art camp program to send your child to. Involving them in the selection is also critical so as to make sure that you are sending them somewhere they will enjoy and take great interest in. The key is making your child comfortable in the camp environment you choose. If your child is on the socially anxious spectrum, you wouldn’t want to send him or her to a large camp with boisterous characters that will only overwhelm and possibly make them crawl back inside their shell. You want something where they can thrive and develop their confidence on top of learning about the craft.