Precious Tips to Help You Get Better at Boarding Schools in Buckinghamshire

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A child who is off to boarding school pretty soon might feel an entire range of emotions from nerve wracking to exciting. Attending boarding school is a commitment and one that you should help your child prepare for. With an entire summer before your kid is off to their new adventure at boarding school, here are some tips to help them overcome the roller coaster of emotions that come with being away at boarding school:

  • Answer their questions. Children, especially teenagers are an anxious bunch. With a huge transition in the horizon, their anxiety levels are higher than ever, and this can lead to all kinds of concerns about boarding school—many of which probably stem from myths they hear about boarding. This is the perfect time to address these concerns. Simply listening to your child as they share about their apprehensions about boarding school will help you talk them through their anxieties and reassure them about the great, beautiful world that await them in their brand-new school.

  • Create a timeline. Preparation is key to doing well in boarding school. Set a deadline for the most important tasks you have left to do before heading off to board like shopping for their dorm supplies and ordering their books. Do they have the right sports gear? What other requirements are they missing? Completing all these tasks weeks before their big day will help ease the pressure of moving to boarding school.

  • Make a final visit to the school. Walk around campus with them and help them get comfortable in the environment before they actually embark on schooling.

  • Do they need an academic booster? Perhaps your child could use some summer classes or a few tutoring sessions. Consider a pre-boarding school summer program or some online classes to help them better prepare for the rigorous learning they will be faced with at boarding school.

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