Reasons Why Parents Choose International Boarding Schools for Their Kids

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Boarding schools are becoming increasingly appealing to international students, and it’s easy to see why. Many international students wish that someday they will attend a college or university in the UK or the US, and they know that they need to develop English skills, as well as become familiar with the educational system prior to college. Boarding schools offer many benefits to international students. 

First of all, boarding schools in the UK and US can drastically improve a student’s English proficiency, which is often the ticket to acceptance to the Ivy Leagues. English immersion and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are typically offered in international boarding school. Students are also immersed in an English-speaking boarding school community, attending classes, playing sports, making friends, and living with other English-speaking students. This gives international students a chance to use English on a regular daily basis. They likewise attend ESL courses designed to improve their speaking, writing, and reading ability. Unlike typical schools, boarding schools provide smaller classes and structured environments which support learning patterns of non-native English speakers.

Secondly, boarding schools help international students prepare for the Ivy League life, giving them an access to college counsellors and advisors who can assist them in choosing schools and prepare them for the application process. Some boarding schools offer special classes for those who prepare for the TOEIC or TOEFL exams, which are required of international students. A solid boarding school education can help international students succeed in the British and American universities.

Finally, boarding schools give international students the unique opportunity to meet and forge lifelong friendships with students of other backgrounds and cultures. The school community is likely to be made up of kids from different religious, linguistic, and geographic backgrounds—people that they would typically not have the chance to meet outside of school. Being a part of the school community helps international students overcome cultural barriers which are often associated with life outside your own country.

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