Rules to Follow at Boarding Schools in Worcestershire

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The key to succeed in boarding school life is preparing yourself for whatever it is, say –  your school, classmates, teachers, and each and every circumstance you come through. One way to get yourself prepped and ready for boarding life is to learn boarding school rules by heart. This way, you won’t run the risk of stepping out of line. Knowing what to expect will help make adjusting to your new life as a boarding student a lot easier. Here are some basic rules you must keep in mind as you start life at boarding school:

  • A lot of boarding schools encourage students, especially those from overseas to arrange arrival at least a couple of days before actual school starts. This gives you ample time to settle in, get a little bit used to an environment, and possibly make friends before you embark into challenging coursework. Every school follows a different induction procedure, where you will be shown everything you need to know and be reminded of the most important school rules that you must absolutely abide by to avoid trouble during your stay.

  • Respect is a valued and widely taught virtue in boarding schools. You are expected to respect everyone you get to interact with while in a programme, from your teachers and instructors to your classmates, house and roommates, school staff, and everyone else within the school community.

  • Other basic rules that boarding schools implement include proper dress codes, which may include uniforms and guidelines on wearing piercings and hairstyles; bedtimes and curfews; rules on the use of bikes, cars, skates, and other modes of transport; general ground rules; and guidelines on weekend activities. Most boarding schools offer great freedom for their students to spend their own time outside of school hours to embark on activities for self-discovery.
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