Some Doubts You Should Clarify About Best Boarding Schools in England

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A lot of myth surrounds boarding school life and they have long colored people’s opinion about what it’s like to live and study in such an institution. Whether your view of an English boarding school is something like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts or some gruesome creativity stifling college prep school like what’s portrayed in Dead Poet’s Society, these insights might just give you a better view of what it’s really like to enroll in a boarding school:

  • Boarding schools are NOT just for the academically gifted students. In fact, the reason why these schools have such rigorous standards when it comes to academics is to push and challenge students into bettering themselves. You don’t have to be academically brilliant (yet) to attend. Boarding schools in England are known for their student-focused approaches, which allows them to bring the best out of students and achieve their full potential.

  • Boarding schools are NOT only for the rich. You don’t have to be super wealthy to get good boarding school education. While some institutions and academies do have high prices, many also offer all kinds of scholarships and financial aids to help those who want the advantage of their rigorous academic standards. There are bursaries, grants, and financial assistance programmes that you may qualify for to get into a boarding school. If you want to know why boarding schools are much more expensive than regular day schools, it is because good education does come at a price, and you have to hand it to these schools to create the best programmes that bring about great results.

  • Boarding schools are NOT all about academics. The secret to the success of the best boarding schools is a well-balanced learning program where children are challenged inside and outside of the classroom. Apart from their academic trainings, students are also offered a wide range of extracurricular activities where they can use their talents and abilities and hone their gifts.
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