Therapeutic Residential Schools in UK: A Teacher’s Guide for the Parents

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It can be heartbreaking for any parent to learn that their child might need more help than they can offer at home and in school. When your child is experiencing difficulty dealing with certain behavioral issues or perhaps a learning disability, a therapeutic school could well be the answer. Therapeutic schools are special residential schools that are specifically designed to help children, typically troubled teenagers and those with special learning needs, overcome their emotional, behavioral, and learning problems. When a child isn’t getting the right treatment or attention that he or she needs in school or at home, they usually require a more structured environment where they can receive the kind of attention that they need in order to deal with their personal issues. A highly structured environment not only helps steer troubled children straight, but also allow them to get back on track with their academics.

When considering a therapeutic residential school for your child. One of the first things you should concern yourself about is the admission process. Admission to a therapeutic residential school is often under the supervision of a professional, typically a consulting physician who can help pinpoint the problem and set realistic goals for the child’s education. Diagnosing a child’s problem typically involves examining symptoms and issues like substance abuse, defiance of authority, violent and threatening behaviors, poor grades, and refusal to take guidance or follow rules.

Therapeutic school programs are varied in nature and different schools usually have their own treatment procedures, approaches, and philosophy. Many of them, however, concentrate on providing children an isolated, highly structured environment, where children can unlearn troublesome habits and behaviors and learn new ones in place of their negative attitudes. This helps them overcome destructive habits, substituting them with new behaviour patterns that build their confidence and help them accomplish more with their life and at the same time allow them to continue with their education.

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