Things that Make You Love and Hate Boarding Schools in East Sussex

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Ask any boarding school survivor what they love about boarding school, and they’ll probably tell you that the things they hate about their time in boarding, they also love the most. It’s a complex love-hate experience, but everyone will agree that it’s one of the most enriching parts of their educational career. If you are only setting out to boarding school, you’ll find many things to love and hate about your own experience, and here are only some of the best ones you should look forward to:

  • The entire application and admissions process –

    “There is a boarding school for you.” This is probably what your educational consultant will keep repeating over and over as you go through the tedious process. While it may seem to be a bunch of lies to get you to go through multiple rounds of testing and filling out forms to submit here and there, it can also be one of the most exciting parts of the journey. It is through your search for the right boarding school in East Sussex that you will get to discover many great things about yourself, what you like, and what you are passionate about. It is a journey of self-discovery through and through.

  • Boarding school will push you to your limits –

    From academic challenges to sports and arts programs, the rigorous courses you will have to endure will prove extremely beneficial in the long run, as you get to stretch your abilities and perhaps even discover hidden passions.

  • Boarding school is strict –

    The promise of freedom and independence is strong in boarding schools, but you’ll soon learn that you are constantly looked after. Just the same, the level of independence that you do have will teach you many things, and the disciplinarian nature of strict rules will help you know your limits.

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