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Going through boarding schools in Bedfordshire with your children can be an exciting time, but it can quickly turn daunting when you are unsure of what to choose. You will find that some schools offer exclusive full boarding, while others have a greater number of day students compared to boarders. Moreover, you might not be sure which school is indeed best for your children. That last thing you want to happen is to leave your children in an educational institution where they will not thrive and fail to enjoy the experience. In that case, here are some tips to help you pick the right boarding schools:

  • Consult with a boarding schools placement specialist – Find a reputable London-based consultancy that specialises in providing boarding schools placement advice and assistance. That way, you can easily pick from a list of boarding schools in Bedfordshire and receive support for the application process and testing, as well as on-going support, even as your children start their schooling. Just be sure to pick a specialist that provides free consultancy.
  • Identify the school’s mission, vision, and culture – Knowing these factors can help you determine if the boarding school in Bedfordshire can meet your children’s educational needs and help them become responsible, intelligent, and good adults. You may want to consider learning about the teaching and educational methods used in the school, too, so you can determine if they fit your children’s learning style and needs.
  • Learn about the activities your children are allowed to do – Consider the extra-curricular programs and activities of the boarding schools in Bedfordshire. Recreation is important in ensuring that your children will not get bored or become homesick.
  • Arrange for a tour of the boarding school – Consider going on a weekday to get a feel of the busy atmosphere in the campus, as well as in the weekends, so you know how many pupils are staying. If you are coming from overseas, consider the ratio of international students to local pupils.
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