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It’s difficult to rank boarding schools due to the fact that there really isn’t one way to tell which is best for a child. Because each child has different needs, he or she might thrive in a different school setting than the next child, even when they seem to perform at the same level academically. This is exactly what makes choosing a boarding school tricky for many parents. Just the same, there are certain qualities that you can look for in top English boarding schools to ensure a positive experience for your child:

  1. Dedicated, innovative, and strong leaders – The best boarding schools are those with a strong set of leaders—those who have a clear vision of the things that they wish to accomplish and have a track record of setting and achieving long and short-term visions.
  2. Solid support from board members and trustees – Many times, trustees get in the way of a school’s progress. This is why it is important to find a boarding school with solid backing from its board members.
  3. Good financial backing – Schools require funds to operate. Apart from the tuition that you pay, good schools also get their finances in good standing with the support of alumni and through other means.
  4. Extensive academics – A good boarding school doesn’t only offer extensive choices of courses and programs, but substantial curriculum content that contributes to exemplary learning.
  5. Superb faculty – Check to see if their faculty have high qualifications and are specialised to teach the courses that they offer.
  6. Superior facilities – Another major characteristic of the best boarding schools in England is their superior set of facilities along with school grounds that create the best environment for learning and personal development.
  7. Strong athletics program – Choose a school that offers extensive athletics so your child can have plenty of opportunities to discover his or her hidden athletic potential.
  8. Extracurricular activities – To ensure holistic development, choose a boarding school that offers a wide selection of extracurricular activities where they can thrive.
  9. Diversity – Choose a school that is known for its diverse student population to nurture a cultured and open-minded child.
  10. High academic rating – The best schools produce graduates who excel in academics and are well prepared for greatness in the future.
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