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Many boarding schools offer summer programmes that run varying lengths, depending on the course being taken. Perhaps your child needs a bit of help with a certain subject or wishes to do some advanced studies. Summer boarding programmes are great opportunities to get the help they need or achieve their academic goals. These programmes are also great introductory courses should you want to consider or test drive the boarding school set up for your child.

Boarding schools run all kinds of programmes throughout the year. Apart from formal school terms, they likewise provide special courses that children can take over the summer months. Teachers and facilitators of these courses are typically drawn from the boarding school’s faculty and academic team, along with some additional faculty or staff as needed for some special programmes. The same support staff are also on duty during summer programmes as when formal school is in session. Essentially, going to summer boarding school is exactly like going to regular boarding school, where you can have access to all, if not most of the facilities that the school has to offer, with the added bonus of having the entire campus all to yourself and your fellow summer school-goers.

This is a great use of boarding schools’ facilities over long summer vacations, and at the same time a great opportunity for children to earn extra credit for their advanced studies, catch up with subjects they might be having trouble with, or perhaps get a feel for boarding school learning. Summer boarding schools are much like summer camps where children can participate in all kinds of activities, depending on the type of programme they are in. Overall, enrolling your child in summer boarding school can be a great experience whether or not you are planning to send them to boarding school in the near future.

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