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There are numerous boarding schools in the UK, each with varying approaches to education and the different types of programmes they offer. Many boarding schools are designed to help prepare students for university level work. Others offer exclusivity in terms of admitting students of the same sex, while others offer a more diverse community by providing a co-educational school setting. There are also alternative therapeutic schools for those with specific disciplinary, educational, or developmental needs. Others still cater to those with learning differences. When considering boarding school education for your child, many factors should come into play, not the least of which are your child’s educational and developmental requirements. Just the same, knowing what to expect from different schools you might encounter during your search is always good, so you can be better prepared to make a decision.  Here are some things you should know about boarding schools in the UK:

  • Some boarding schools are actually a mix of day and boarding students, while others are purely residential. The most prestigious boarding schools are exclusively residential. While there’s really nothing intrinsically wrong with a mixed population of day and boarding students, it does alter the complexion of school life in a way that’s outside of classic boarding school traditions. Purely residential schools offer the full benefit of maintaining a close-knit community of students and faculty who reside in campus.
  • Different schools follow different curricula. Boarding schools exceed minimum curriculum requirements and provide unique flavours in terms of academic offerings. Some belong to traditional categories, which are largely test-based, while others are within the progressive spectrum, which doesn’t see tests as rule. The latter is more student-centric than teacher-centric.
  • The most prestigious boarding schools employ experienced and highly qualified teachers. They often have advanced degrees on top of continuous training and a wealth of knowledge and experience not only in the subject area they teach, but also in the art of mentoring.
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