Ways to Get Ready for Boarding Schools in Suffolk

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Boarding schools have always been great alternatives to regular day schools, especially for parents looking for more enriching educational and life experiences for their children. However, making the transition from regular school into boarding school life requires greater mental, physical, and emotional preparation, especially since you will be sending your child away to live away from home for study. Because of this, it is critical to make the transition as seamless as possible to avoid the shock of independent living. Here are some useful tips on preparing your child for boarding school in Suffolk:

  • Start establishing a daily routine. Boarding schools keep strict schedules and timelines that are often much stiffer than what your child may be used to in school or at home. For instance, they are expected to go to bed and wake up at particular hours, attend classes punctually, and keep to their day’s schedule. Establishing the same kind of structure and routine at home, months before going to boarding school will help them ease into actual boarding life.
  • Give them more independence so they can learn how to be responsible for the extra freedom they will be enjoying at boarding school. More independence also means more responsibility. Giving your child more freedom while helping them recognize and acknowledge accountability and responsibility will also help them to be more prepared for the independence that comes with attending boarding school, where parental oversight is limited to dorm parents.
  • Another important step to preparing your child for boarding school is having a serious conversation about their transition. Letting your child voice their feelings and concerns about boarding school will allow you to ease their worries about the transition and provide you greater insight about how your child feels about the whole experience. This way, you can better support their needs.
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