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Independent boarding schools have a strong track record when it comes to producing high-achieving students and generally well-rounded graduates who go on not only to study at highly ranked universities, but also to have successful careers, be it in business, science, arts, or politics. The boarding school experience has a lot to offer children. More than academic success, international boarding schools design their programmes around the personal growth and overall development of their students. If you are still in the middle of deciding whether or not to send your child to boarding school or perhaps are unsure whether or not independent boarding schools will do your child any good, here are all the reasons why so many parents (and teachers) recommend them:

  • They are proven paths toward the best universities—and no, not just because of the prestige of their name, but because of the rigorous learning students experience during their stay. From the very beginning, students get admitted to independent boarding schools based on their academic ability, which is further enhanced as they go through the learning-intensive courses that these schools offer.
  • They help students become more responsibly independent. Responsible independence is a lot different from mere independence. At boarding school, children learn to take control over the most important aspects of their life, from their school schedules to managing their study type and chores, learning self-discipline, and acquiring crucial life skills, which they will definitely need as they enter the more challenging world of university.
  • They employ highly experienced and qualified faculty members and support staff. Not only do teachers provide good guidance inside the classroom, they are also expected to extend their support to the children outside of class. Teachers and staff are with students 24/7, catering to their overall well-being and educational success.
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