International Girls Boarding Schools – Making their Mark in the World

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Any acclaimed school can encourage a student to develop the personality traits and academic discipline it takes to succeed in adult life. But international girls’ boarding schools offer many other advantages that local boarding school cannot match. To begin, these international schools immerse students in a ‘second-language academic environment’ that allow them to develop what is called ‘near-native’ skills. Graduates of international girls’ boarding schools are functionally bilingual. So if you want your daughter to be poised for easy transition into any of the top universities around the world, it’s time to consider enrolling her in one of the best international girls’ boarding school.

Most schools of this type accept young women ages 13 to 19. The academic program is designed to provide an exciting, enriching, and challenging structure that encourages girls to excel in their fields of interest. Some of the best international boarding schools for girls are located in Switzerland and the UK, but there is also a growing number of acclaimed institutions in Australia and the US.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a single-sex boarding school is that it lets girls learn and thrive without the distraction of the opposite sex. Studies have consistently shown that this type of instructional model encourages young women to become leaders. They are not forced into behavioural stereotypes and gender biases. Instead, they are encouraged to take risks and learn from failures. Young women who graduate from international girls’ boarding schools often have a strong sense of self worth. They often have a deep love of learning and are eager to grow intellectually, spiritually, and personally, functioning as effective leaders as well as team members.

The best international girl’s boarding schools have small class sizes to ensure individual attention. The girls learn to live together in a safe family-like community, developing lifelong friendships as they grow into independent young women. The multi-cultural setting teaches them to value the beliefs, traditions, and customs of others.

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