Learn About the Curriculum Followed in Independent Schools London

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Independent schools are only among the many types of educational environments you can consider as you try and find the best learning venue for your child. These schools are unique from other types of learning institutions in that they have the freedom to set their own school hours, term dates, as well as their own curriculum. More than this, independent schools can also mandate the exam qualifications that their students must take. This is possible because independent schools, by nature, are not in any way constrained by the government, and they have total freedom to operate in the way that they deem best for the benefit of their students.

There are many different types of independent schools that you can consider to enrol your child in. Some schools cater for those with very specific skillsets and talents, such as those who are inclined in the arts, music, theatre, or dance. Other independent schools are designed to help children with special educational needs thrive. Depending on the type of students these schools cater for, the curriculum they set are typically designed to hone their special skills or focus on their special needs.

Independent schools also vary greatly in terms of size. Some schools are co-educational, while others are gender exclusive. Independent schools may also accept boarders or day students, or both, which makes them a flexible option. There are many reasons why you may want to seriously consider enrolling your child in an independent school. Not only do these schools offer high academic standards, independent school settings also offer many other advantages such as outstanding facilities, smaller class sizes, and greater freedom and flexibility in learning, as opposed to stiff, government-imposed curriculums, which may not always be the best means to maximize your child’s potential. Independent schools are also renowned for their incredible mix of extracurricular activities that emphasize the development of leadership skills and other important life virtues like compassion and resilience.

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