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Choosing a school for your child is never easy. The stakes are even higher when you are spending thousands of your hard-earned money and sending your child away to boarding school. Despite the mixed feelings parents tend to have about sending their child boarding school, many believe that the high cost of education and the months apart are fair bargains for the educational outcome that these schools offer. Before you look at boarding school lists and start touring prospect schools, it pays to know what you should be looking for in a good boarding institution. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a boarding school for your child:

  • Consider the help of an educational consultant so you can be properly guided on how to vet the best schools for your child. These professionals can tell you exactly what you should look for in a boarding school that will best cater to the needs and interests of your child. Based on a carefully designed assessment system, they can help you shortlist potential schools that you can further consider and compare as you make a decision.
  • Take time to get enough information about the schools you are considering. Take a hold of every bit of data you can get about the school and don’t rely solely on their website, but consider their claims carefully. Get an insight into their values, philosophy, mission, vision, and beliefs, and turn to boarding school portals where you can get unbiased information about the institutions you are considering.
  • Learn about the school’s boarding community and find out if there’s an existing support network, i.e., a parents’ association where you can get a good insight as to what you can expect from the school. Make time for a tour of the schools you are considering and don’t put your eggs in one basket, so there’s less disappointment when your child doesn’t get admitted into one particular institution—it’s always good to have a fallback, and one that is also a good fit for your child.
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