Preparations You Should Make Before Joining Cheshire Boarding School

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In the process of deciding which boarding school will best benefit a child, parents often overlook the fact that boarding itself is going to be a new and challenging experience for everyone involved. Helping your child (and yourselves, as parents) be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for boarding is critical so they/you can more easily settle into boarding school life. Here are some tips you can follow to ease into the process:


  • Get your child comfortable – Perhaps their current school offers options for flexi-boarding, this is a great way to prepare them to live by themselves. Giving them more independence and responsibility to care for themselves is also a good way to “train” them for the demands of boarding life.


  • Get yourself comfortable – Attending parent open days at your child’s prospect school is a good way to get a grip of what goes on inside the campus they will be living in and studying at. This will help settle your nerves about the culture and environment that the school has. Getting to know new parents is also a great way to meet new peers you can confide in about your apprehensions when it comes to join Cheshire boarding school.


  • Complete their school kit weeks before their first day in boarding – This will give you ample time to double check everything and make sure that all the requirements from the kit list are complete. This will serve as their survival pack as they learn how to go about life on their own.


  • Communicate – Talk out doubts about staying away from home and discuss ways to deal with homesickness. Assure your child that your communication lines will always be open especially when they start boarding.


Finally, tour the campus with your child. This will allow you to gauge their comfort and feelings about their would-be home.

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