Rules and Regulations Followed In Top British Boarding Schools

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Thinking of sending your child to a top British boarding school? You will need to make the decision with them and get to know the rules and regulations that are followed in their preferred institution. Ideally, you and your child must agree with the values and traditions of the school to prevent culture shock and avoid getting reprimanded. You can get a feel of the school’s values when you explore their official websites or when you speak with the headmaster.

Top British boarding schools can be very particular with their rules and regulations. The most basic rules include respecting one’s peers and treating them with a positive attitude and openness. Of course, students are expected to follow their schedules, attend their classes, show up and participate in activities and assemblies, and perform their duties. And since it is a boarding school, students are expected to observe curfews, too. There are designated hours for mealtimes, homework, leisure, and bedtime.

Students must always come prepared in classes and actively participate in activities and classes, while maintaining and supporting a considerate, caring, helping, and respectful learning environment. They are responsible for doing their homework or completing their assignments and coursework within the agreed time period and submit everything on time, too, or they could get an incomplete grade or fail their class. It is important for students to take note of rules about using the internet and mobile devices in school grounds.

As a student in a top British boarding school, you must observe the rules and regulations regarding illegal activities, too. Alcohol, drugs, and deadly weapons are typically not permitted, and students are not allowed to be under the influence of substances while in school. Smoking and sexual activities are prohibited, too. If it is a co-ed boarding schools, all students are expected to observe and respect the segregation between male and female boarding facilities. Reputable schools do not condone any form of bullying, violent acts, xenophobia, and racism, too.

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