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The United Kingdom has some of the finest all-boys boarding schools in the world. If you are pondering whether or not to send your child to an exclusive boarding school for boys, here are some useful insights that you can consider as you are making a decision:

  • There are benefits to both coeducational and single-sex educational models. Although a lot of UK boarding schools have adopted a co-educational system, many remain exclusive to a specific gender. These schools provide a specialised structure of education that caters to the unique aptitude and learning style of young males. Just the same, the best approach to deciding whether you should choose a gender-exclusive or a co-educational school for your child is to gauge the suitability of these program options to their learning needs as well as their interests.
  • It also matters what age you choose to send your child to board. Children as young as seven or eight can attend preparatory boarding schools in the UK. However, this might be too young for other kids to be away from their parents, although it can also be beneficial under the right circumstances. Most parents, however, consider sending their child to boarding school mostly during their senior school levels (at age 16 to 18), believing that boarding schools are great stepping stones toward the university. True enough, students who attend boarding school do quite well as they enter university
  • Cost should also be an important consideration when vetting boarding schools for boys. Fees vary widely between boarding schools in the UK. Apart from annual costs, additional fees might also apply for other miscellaneous activities like trips and outings, as well as for the stuff that your child might need during schoolings such as uniforms, sports gears, individual lessons, or additional course books and readings.
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