The Basic Education Approaches of Independent Secondary Schools in London

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There are over 2000 schools in the United Kingdom operating independently or outside of central or local government control, and around 8 percent of the country’s school population is currently educated in these schools. Independent schools are great alternatives to other traditional forms of schooling in that they are not like other cookie cutter school systems. The best independent schools place a great emphasis on developing so much more than their student’s academic potential, providing programs that help enhance other non-academic strengths and interests. More than impressive exam results and academic excellence, students also excel in many other areas like sport, art, music, and drama, achieving outstanding access in their chosen fields.

Some independent schools are very selective when it comes to student selection. Oftentimes, these schools would specialize in children who showcase exceptional competence in academics, athletics, and the arts. Some schools also focus on helping children that require individual attention. Regardless of their focus, many of these schools implement strict entry selection either through a rigorous entrance examination and/or a series of interviews, along with a review of their current school standing.

When it comes to choosing the best type of school for your child, it pays knowing what different kinds of educational institutions can contribute to their overall development. Independent schools offer the unique opportunity for parents as well as students to decide what they want from an educational institution. The key to finding the best independent secondary school for your child is looking at the institution’s mission, core values, philosophy, and approach to teaching, and choosing one that meets the very needs of your child. Independent schools are great venues to allow your child to experience remarkable success not only in academics but in other areas of life, through non-traditional methods and approaches to teaching and learning.

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