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Children attending boarding school have the best start in life. This is only one of the main motivating factors why so many parents choose the boarding life for their children. A bold claim that’s backed by exceptional and consistent results, boarding schools truly offer children great advantages in the form of unparalleled education by means of creating learning environments that encourage holistic development of well-rounded individuals who are fully prepared to take on the bigger world outside of school. To some parents, sending their child to boarding school is a no-brainer, but some may also have their reservations, especially since boarding school education entails sending a child off quite prematurely or perhaps sooner than anticipated. If you are on this side of the fence, below are more reasons to help your decision to send your child to boarding school:

  • The highest quality of education for your child – Boarding schools—particularly British boarding schools—are widely regarded for the quality of education that they provide students. From top-notch facilities to a carefully designed curriculum, and handpicked teachers, boarding schools guarantee the best possible education to help prepare your child for the demands of higher learning. Class sizes in boarding schools are also kept small so children can receive focused teaching.
  • Lessons in independence – Allowing a child to become more independent will also help prepare them for the real world. Boarding schools encourage independence by providing students with a taste of it, while still being closely, albeit discreetly supervised. This gives them plenty of opportunities to develop a more mature attitude toward self- reliance and free-will. As a result, they are more likely to become responsible for the moment they leave home and become truly independent.
  • Social and extra-curricular skills are sharpening – Boarding schools also offer a wide variety of activities and programs that help children develop self-esteem, social aptitude, and other useful skills outside of academics.
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