Top Boys Boarding Schools in UK: Pros and Cons

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Boarding schools for boys in the UK are among the best educational institutions you can consider for your son. They are popular with the parents who want only the highest-quality education for their children, while making sure that their sons can enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities to help build character and social skills. There are many benefits to letting your son study in one of the top boys’ boarding schools in the UK:

  • The school lets boys grow and develop in an uninterrupted place and in familiar surroundings, even on their own. This way, your son does not have to feel embarrassed or insecure, as discrimination against gender is uncommon in a single-sex school.
  • There are special courses, which top boys boarding schools in the UK organise to suit the learning needs of students whose learning pace may be different from their peers. Additional training, winter and summer camps, and one-on-one approach to education may be provided, too. This way, educators can effectively deal with individual issues or learning needs.
  • Summer camps are organised by the top boys’ boarding schools in the UK where education is combined with fun, engaging activities. A lot of students prefer these extra courses so they can spend more time with friends.
  • School trips that are organised by leading boys’ boarding schools in the UK include visits to well-known galleries and national museums. At times, they go beyond local attractions and arrange trips abroad, so students can expand their cultural horizons and knowledge.
  • Students of the top boys’ boarding schools gain a one-of-a-kind opportunity and education that cannot be matched by a co-ed school.

There are a few cons to letting your son study in a top boys’ boarding school. You have to be away from him and he might have difficulty adjusting due to homesickness and culture shock. You need to remember that boarding schools can be expensive, but room and board is typically included in the cost. There may be some reports of bullying and discrimination, but rest assured, the school’s administrators and teachers are doing everything they can to minimise and avoid incidents, such as by introducing programmes that will enable students to integrate well.

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