Top Co-Ed Boarding Schools UK: Admission Procedure

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Are you thinking of sending your child to a co-ed boarding school in the UK? One of the first things you need to do is to understand admissions process of the school where your child wants to go. Keep in mind that every school will have its own admissions requirements and procedure, and that there is no standard model in the application process in private schools. However, all co-ed boarding schools in the UK will require you to complete the registration form, which serves as your formal way of letting the school know that you want your child to be reviewed for entry. Likewise, you will need to pay the non-refundable registration fee.

It is advisable to apply to at least three to four schools at the same time, but keep in mind that you will have to forfeit some of the registration fees. To save a bit of time and money, consider speaking to a reputable boarding schools placement consultant. They can help you find only the best co-ed boarding schools in the UK and effectively narrow down your choices only to those that will help your child reach his or her educational goals.

Ideally, you must register your child at a top co-ed boarding school in the UK as early as you can. So take time to visit the school or take a virtual tour if you have no time for a trip to get to know the facility, and register when you like it. Take note that some elite schools may require registration fees before allowing a tour or a visit. Normally, top schools would require the registration at least one year prior to entry, as they are often in demand.

Co-ed boarding schools that are more academic are likely to test applicants and accept only those with high scores. Tests can cover a wide range of subjects, including non-verbal and verbal reasoning and logic, and they can be challenging, too, so it is best to prepare your child in advance for them. Some co-ed boarding schools in the UK may require a reference and reports from your child’s previous school, too, so be sure that you can provide those documents.

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