West Sound Academy, Washington, USA

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Washington,USADo you study abroad? Are you a member of an American boarding school? If yes then we
should give you some hints on what to do in your free time while being in Washington! The first thing you need to do is just go and visit is the Smithsonian Institution Building
where you can get all the maps you need to visit the museums.

What is more you should definitely feel the atmosphere of the Three Houses of Government. These are just some ideas on what to do in Washington but if you want to know more you need to check this website.

West Sound AcademyIf you are interested in a small but cozy American boarding school, then West Sound Academy is definitely for you!

What is the most important info about our facility? We have the offer of International
Baccalaureate which enables you to be recognized worldwide! With such a diploma you will not face any difficulties in finding a well-paid job as well as satisfactory one!
We are here not only to educate you but we also want you to be unique person with a huge sensitivity for other people!

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